The rumour mill is churning hard in the last week as news reaches our ears of clean sweeps in the Tory leadership. One particular change seems worthy of some considerable scrutiny, and that is Thomas Jay Councillor for Belgrave, County Councillor for the Amington Division on Staffordshire County Council.

Thomas is apparently set to become the deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council in a secret anointing ritual this week (ok we kid, it’s probably just a boring meeting). Now why would Tamworth Debunked take issue with this you might ask. Well here’s a few reasons for starters, and more may come:

This is second best for Thomas, he was set to apply for MP to replace Chris Pincher. We can only assume that idea has gone down the pan.

He doesn’t live in Tamworth, in fact he doesn’t even live in the constituency of Tamworth, and just like the DFS sale it doesn’t end there! He doesn’t even live in Staffordshire.

His attendance at County Council is reproachable, he’s just turned up to 40% of meetings in the last calendar year. Check it out here:

He doesn’t check his emails and let a whole year go by without doing so, freely admitting it on his public Facebook page.

So if you were trying to email Thomas in the last year, you were dismissed as probably spam. How lovely for you.

From what we have seen with his rare recent appearance in his ward, he has been trying to increase his profile in order to win you all over for his possible foray into joining all of the bigger boys and girls in London. As a side benefit, it’s his election next year too.

This man has zero experience of running the council and neither does the bloke tipped to be top dog Paul Turner See our post

He’s best pals with site friend and frequent featured guest Paul Brindley. Having frequent simpering endorsements made for him. This cynic wonders what skeletons ‘ole Brina has packed away of Thomas’s since he’s thrown most of his former colleagues under the Clapham Omnibus.

Should we put up with this fair citizens of Tamworth? It seems we are going to have to for now because it’s not our decision. The egos have landed and they’ve set up a brand new asylum.

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