We are a bit late to the party here but what a week so far. The Tories lost control of Tamworth Borough Council after something like 20 years of incumbency. Needless to say our resident keyboard warriors Richard Kingstone and Paul Brina Brindley have been as happy as a dog with two bones proudly and loudly proclaiming that they have won a victory over those evil bastard Tories (that they once coveted to be part of and represented once let’s not forget). How seriously narcissistic are you if you think you were the cause of what quite obviously (if you read any news at all and occasionally peek your head out from under the rock) was the result of a national trend.

Enough about those two bitter and twisted man babies anyhow. The real news is that the Tories council group have lost their leader in an apparent Caesar style (but thankfully blood and saladless) assassination. Jeremy Oates and Rob Pritchard have been hoofed out of their long held positions to make way it seems for some new brooms believing they can get a handle on things. Local businessman and Councillor Paul Turner is apparently at the forefront of the rebellion against his own leadership. A man with zero experience of running a local authority that we can find on any publically available information, heck he’s only been a Councillor for just over a year now. In a surprising and meteoric rise since the moment he was elected, he’s now apparently the only choice for leader in the Tories much diminished group. We understand that other co-conspirators are up for plum jobs in the new Cabinet and special responsibilities. There remains but one tricky problem, they don’t have the numbers.

With the local election having seen no Tory gains and several Labour newbies joining the council, the Tory party still don’t have enough people to actually get their own way on the council. We understand that talks are happening with aforementioned Richard Kingstone, who has tried his level best to destroy the party locally and encouraged people to vote for Labour and an Independent candidate he once outed as corrupt. It seems Richard is the one they want propping up their dodgy new regime rather than go cap in hand to the breakaway ‘Independent’ Future. Danny Cook, former leader of Conservative group and now ego strokingly leader of ‘Independent’ Future is apparently chomping at the bit for engagement with the new group. Wouldn’t be surprised if they offered to jump back on board the ship if they got what they wanted. What that is, who knows, but there’s going to be some spare cash floating around now with special allowances up for grabs.

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