Chris Pincher has spoken ‘exclusively’ to the Herald today to tell them he’s not standing in next year’s elections. Which is stating the bloody obvious isn’t it really? Considering he didn’t have a hope of returning to the bosom of the Tory party, after being the straw that broke the back of the Johnson Government. This news shouldn’t really come as a shock. His political career is pushing up daisies, it is an ex political career etc etc…

This news will surely have prompted a collective sigh of relief from Tamworth Tories who have been in a state of silent limbo since the scandals that hit the national press hit what seems to be eons ago now. Instead of trying to defend themselves from questions on the doorsteps about their allegedly errant MP, they can now say with confidence “he’s not with us mate”.

So there we have it, news from the mouth of the man himself via the ailing news outlet that probably had to blow the dust off the news desk before they could write down what he said.

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