Proving she actually loves the attention, Councillor Tina Clements has published her hairdressing schedule for us all to take note of. It’s taken a good while for her to respond to our story about her attempting to change Armed Forces Day because of her prior engagements. Now the hair dear reader was a sideshow, fact is the main problem for Tina (or Tuna as she is affectionately known by some colleagues) was another photo opportunity at a clashing event she didn’t want to miss being seen at and have a photo op. This is what prompted her to change the date of Armed Forces day for Tamworth compared to the rest of the country.

As Tina says #ifyouknowyouknow and plenty at the Royal British Legion Tamworth branch and many Councillors and officers know exactly what she tried to do. Presumably the investigation by the main charity has either not yet finished, or proved inconclusive since she quickly realised she wasn’t going to get away with it and changed plans again. We understand she pretended the Castle Grounds was not available for the event and expected officers of the council to be party to the subterfuge, which was in fact of course not true.

Since Councillor Clements has been keen to bring attention to herself again. We can also reveal that before the election, she walked into the Assembly Rooms and told the staff that they’d better all vote for Conservative as they’d all be out of a job if Labour take over, since they’d be cancelling all of the events. We understand that complaints were made by the staff regarding this appalling behaviour.

So, we all now know that it was quite possible, and we concede that she may not have had her hair appointment on the day of Armed Forces day. However, she did indeed try to move the day and would have got away with it too if it hadn’t been for those pesky branch members calling her out. What a lovely lady, and believe it or not, still chairwoman of the Royal British Legion Tamworth branch.

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