Here’s Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North, in another photo opportunity whilst passing through Tamworth (at least it’s not her eating again this time). She reminded us that she had indeed ‘hosted’ a very grandiose and important flooding summit last month, but has been rather quiet about the details of the summit, such as what actions were agreed and any other outcomes there may have been.

We suspect Edwards dragged along many unsuspecting public servants to her summit, only to be told in no uncertain terms that strangely enough, they are professionals doing their jobs and everything is in hand. Oh and by the way, flood plains are meant to flood Sarah, so why on earth did you waste our time dragging us away from doing our job to create a political point scoring opportunity for yourself? Ok maybe they didn’t say the last bit, but we bet they were thinking it.

Sarah got herself very preoccupied by the floods recently, showing off her complete lack of experience of Tamworth, who are very used to flooding since we are situated in the vicinity of two rivers. Places like the egg island were raised up above flood plain because flood plains flood. It’s almost like someone planned it that way. The way Sarah was going on you’d think Tamworth had a disaster of biblical proportions.

Tamworth has never needed an ark, because those in charge of the environment and flood planning have thankfully got things under control. They really don’t need some MP trying to make a name for herself sticking her nose in to something she has absolutely no clue about, just so she can make a self congratulatory post on Facebook. If anything real had come from the meeting, why be coy and not share it? It’s quite simple, there was nothing new, it really was just a waste of everyone’s time.

This is sadly what you’re going to get from Sarah if she is elected again at the General election around October time, since she knows it makes her look good. I mean why wouldn’t she keep feeding her adoring fans?

Simon Shepherd, we must know your secret as to how you managed to stay so young looking since you remember Peel. We do wonder what issue you had him deal with for you, a dispute over sheep ownership maybe? Or did he just bribe you better than other MPs? (Don’t fall off your chair historians of Tamworth, we are sure he wasn’t like all the others).

At least there is someone on Sarah’s page looking for actual results:

Good luck getting an answer Anne, that’s if your comment even stays there when Sarah’s Facebook team wake up.

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