We thought it had been a bit quiet recently. Someone has pointed out to us that our contact form was bust, since we don’t need to get in touch with ourselves we didn’t notice. Our email urchin pictured above, apparently didn’t notice either, and we have taken away the jam for his porridge this weekend as a result.

It is a good opportunity to remind our beloved readers that we have a contact form, and you can say what you like about us, our stories or Tamworth generally. We can take criticism and we will publish the best foaming at the mouth rants. If you want to have your say, we sometimes even feature readers (especially the more pushy ones that demand it) submissions as full blown articles, aren’t you lucky. Don’t be timid now, as you can see from our past ‘The Mailbag‘ submissions, we never publish a name, and plenty have given it. It doesn’t help us with our mission if we don’t keep you sweet. You can also email us of course, but that requires a bit more effort to anonymise yourself we understand. We know not all of our readers are the disgruntled subjects of our posts (Hi Brina!) and although our figures have levelled off a bit now, we still regularly get thousands of visitors a month. So get writing in and tell us what you think about what’s going on in Tamworth and the Villages.

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