In a sneak preview of what your new Labour run council will be like in May this year, take a gander at what Councillor Wood seems to think is in need of a tidy up.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the aptly named Lee Wood of Castle Ward is concerned about some twigs on a path. In the middle of winter he wants the councils’ Streetscene team who we are guessing are quite overstretched already, to divert their time and resources away from whatever they are doing, to clean up twigs.

In an outstanding demonstration of failure to understand how winter, wind, rain and what happens to trees in these conditions works, Lee seems to think this when tidied up will stay that way. Of course rather than just moan about this small pile of apparently offensive natural debris, that is evidently causing his residents so much trouble, he could have grabbed a broom and swept them up himself. That’s not good enough for Labour though, micromanaging, power tripping, and throwing your weight around is the order of the day with them, and you can be sure no twig shall be left unturned when they take control! Maybe they might even try and ban mud. These people will soon be in charge of our Council tax. Enjoy.

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