We have had to have a lie down, and spend the night recovering here at Debunking Towers. Not because we were out on the lash (although we do like our whips and chains), but because Good ‘Ol Ron Brown, the towns’ very own Major Conspiracy and resident nutter brought his Tamworth Examiner crew out on tour. Brown finally got out from behind his keyboard, got all dressed up, and asked a question at the full Council meeting of Tamworth Borough Council last night. You can see him there on the picture stood up right at the back on the screen grab of the appalling YouTube stream that apparently passes for acceptable (one thing we agree with Ron on, *cough, wretch, scrubs skin red*).

We established that the other people asking questions were indeed part of his merry band of wilfully misunderstanding muppets, although as we suggested in the last post, we wouldn’t rule out them being election candidates, because the town needs more stupid. Their questions tried their very best to hint at or suggest some kind of conspiracy or hidden agendas as you’d suspect. Naturally they found neither. Minion Mark Hopkins, even declined to ask a supplementary question, which was no doubt prepared by Ron for him. We wonder how that went down. We at Debunking absolutely encourage people to go and ask questions of their elected representatives, more people should do so. This shower unfortunately went with a misinformed agenda of their own and left with their tails between their legs, because quite simply none of the questions were of consequence to anyone.

Some people were naturally unhappy with the answers

Ron appears at 22 minutes and 27 seconds into the stream which you can find here. We would have concentrated this post more so on the questions asked by his lackeys, but what happened next blew our mind. Our very favourite Councillor Andrew Cooper who was tasked with answering Ron’s questions, managed to slip some phrases into his answers that you might just recognise if you read this site. That’s right, our pet names for our favourite local looney were uttered, in an answer to Ron, and we doubt that passed over his conspiracy filled head. Although it does seem to have gone ‘whoosh’ right over Marks.

Cooper gets a platinum debunking star for this incredible contribution to the Debunking cause. We have simply been unable to handle our complete and utter glee at Debunking Towers since we heard this, it is simply the stuff of legend.

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