We’ve used this picture recently but it deserves another outing

Debunking are excited and we just can’t hide it! Major Conspiracy Ronald Brown and his Maleficent Minion Mark Hopkins are bringing their clown show to town, making a public appearance at a full council meeting tomorrow, (30th Jan ’24). We are claiming this as a victory since we’ve repeatedly told him to get off his backside and start asking questions where they stand a chance of being answered. We are also simultaneously apologising to the poor people that will have to deal with him in person, it’s a double edged sword we know. It’s a shame though that Ron of course cannot ask an intelligent question to save his life.

Brown is asking a question about his (not racist honest guv) pursuit of the person who has dared to build something on private land that he and some residents don’t like. Ron’s being ‘sneaky’ and not mentioning Bolehall Moor at all in his question. As you get to ask a supplementary question based on your original one being answered, the real head spinning muppetry will no doubt come out when he and his friend Hopkins get their second bite of the cherry. Although Hopkins evidently wants to get some of his crazy out immediately.

We suspect the last two people asking questions are going to emerge as candidates for the election (if they are not also part of Ron’s circus). What we can say from our research is that they’ve never once been near a council meeting to ask questions, we’d hazard a guess even, that they’ve never set foot in a meeting full stop. Got to start somewhere we guess, but Vicky Dickenson evidently doesn’t know that most people can’t be bothered to ask questions at meetings. As for Mr Simon Thompson, apparently despite having such an ‘interest’ in planning he’s obviously never bothered to go on to the councils online planning portal where he can get exactly what he is asking for. It’s not hard to find, it’s not hard to Google either, do better and make an effort if you’re genuinely bothered maybe?

So a treat for you tomorrow Debunking fans, you get to see the bigoted crazy man Ron Brown himself either in person by turning up to the meeting at Tamworth Town Hall, or on YouTube right here with the action kicking off at 6:10pm.

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