If you’ve not seen Councillor Thomas Jay, current leader of the councils legitimate business venture Instagram, it’s quite an eye opener. After the Government announced it would be tightening up on rules allowing TJ to line his pockets legally trafficking people into the UK, activity has been noticeably increased. His own party wants to stop the kind of activity that brings thousands of unskilled workers into the country to be ‘trained’ before filling positions in healthcare we supposedly need filling. This sometimes with apalling consequences for those on the receiving end as detailed in this BBC story.

Now we can’t speak for the quality of people TJ brings in to the UK through his business. We aren’t averse to legal migration when it adds highly skilled valued members to our society. Let’s face it though, this appears to be a thinly veiled scheme for people who just want to come to the UK from Brazil, and they’re too far away to get in by boat and too poor to use a plane.

So TJ gives them a helping hand into a country already overwhelmed with illegal migration as it is, by ‘training’ them, preparing them for a life in the UK, even using his own children in a post to explain the UK education system (we’ve heard he’s criticised us here at Debunking for putting his family on here, the irony isn’t lost on us, and we smiley out the faces).

We imagine the problem with our healthcare sector would be pretty much solved if our nurses as an example weren’t on the shitty end of the stick dealing with poor conditions, long unforgiving shifts whilst being occasionally abused by the general public. There’s also an abundance of managers and inefficiencies that could be wiped out if only Labour supported unions would stop trying to have their cake and eat it, simultaneously protecting said managers jobs whilst demanding more money from the public to pay them. Unfortunately, companies like TJ’s see the short term opportunity for profit and compound an already bad situation.

We have no idea how many people TJ has brought into the country on this scheme, it seems though it must be lucrative enough to try and squeeze as much out of it as he possibly can before the gravy train ends.

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