What a wonderful Christmas present to Tamworth from MP For Moseley North Sarah Edwards. Many people who were wondering what our MP was up to down at Westminster since October (other than Labour members and Councillors defending her on Facebook who didn’t want her to be their candidate in the first place) will be astonished to find out that Sarah’s managed to get Tamworth City Status and given our Mayor John Harper a promotion to Lord Mayor. He must be delighted we’re sure. We think City of Tamworth has a nice ring to it.

Of course we jest, it does make you wonder whether our MP actually understands what she’s doing, and whether she actually understands how big Tamworth is when she occasionally pops in from the other side of Birmingham. Now there’s a bit more involved in having a Lord Mayor than just being a city, Tamworth sadly doesn’t qualify. Maybe she could work on that whilst she’s promising to reopen the Police station front desk.

Thank you to our tipster who sent that in this evening who must have been just as bored as us to be reading this site on Christmas Eve. Debunking towers is currently full of staff urchins drinking us dry and stuffing themselves with cheese and crackers, whilst this writer sits glaring, waiting for them to leave. Merry Christmas.

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