Oh Sarah, you do love generic soundbites don’t you. Yes a number of people will be struggling amidst a cost of living crisis Sarah, no-one deserves it and no, they certainly did not ask for it, well done for identifying the real issues and getting to the bottom of it. Only you didn’t, your best attempt was to take a pot shot for a Facebook post rather than a useful post stating how people could perhaps get help they need. Not only that but the MP For Moseley North didn’t even bother showing the reply, having cut off the video before she was answered by no less then Penny Mordaunt. Since we like to see both sides of the story, this is the response she got:

I thank the hon. Lady for her question. She will know that, with the autumn statement, we have done a raft of things to support small businesses in particular, from freezing business rates for the fourth consecutive year to particular support for the most vulnerable sectors. The autumn statement took our cost of living package to over £104 billion. We stand ready to assist her with any specific needs, but we made sure to take care of both households and businesses for the winter ahead.

We don’t think Tamworth is quite at the Mad Max stage of societal breakdown Sarah, despite what you and your colleagues would have us believe. Your job should be to highlight to your constituents the good work our voluntary sector and dare we say it Council do when it comes to looking after people who are struggling. It’s not a time for political point scoring, no-one will get any support or comfort from you asking a question in parliament.

Here’s a handy link below for support you can find in Tamworth if you need it. There’s some great people out there doing great things for Tamworth and Debunking Tamworth salutes them all for their hard work and effort. They should be remembered, not drowned out by cheap politics. And don’t forget dear reader, help people where you can. It is in all of our power who are more fortunate, to help someone in need, somehow, anyhow, at any time of year. No amount of help is ever too small.


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