Oh Jules, where do we start. No, Kettlebrook Community Centre is not being knocked down to become a mosque. If you cared as much as you made out to care, then you’d have tried that little bit harder and gone and looked for planning applications. But you didn’t, and why? Because you and the whole lot of you on the post are racist bigots that’s why.

We love how Anthony just pops up there to ask where Tamworth is rather than just use Google.

Of course Jennie Evans knows for certain it’s going to happen. Even though Jennie Evans plucked that thought from within the depths of her posterior. Jules ponders where their consultation was for a planning application that has never existed. Can you get a more horrific example of what some people that walk amongst us in Tamworth are like?

Barabra Anne is so annoyed about this made up mosque that it ‘boils her piss’. Barbara love take it off the boil now, it’s not real, make yourself a cuppa with it dear, you deserve nothing better.

Jules is back again asking everyone to share the post. Which drew so much anger that 3 people did just that. It would be a lovely town Jules, just without people like you in it, the immigrants to our country are probably much better to live alongside. Because to people like Jules of course, everyone who isn’t white and follows a religion they don’t understand equals a terrorist.

Just to add hilarity to horror, a random American pops in to demonstrate that a common thread of Racist bigots is a lack of understanding about the world around them. No doubt this fool thinks there can only be one Tamworth in the world and that’s in ‘MURICA! YEAH WOO!

We’ve put the entire rant there for posterity. Now this is top notch foaming at the mouth conspiracy that Major Misinformation Ron Brown can only aspire to (Learn from this and do better Ron!). We are very glad here at Debunking that there is yet to be anyone quite on this guy’s level in Tamworth at the moment. Although we have now seen there’s a group called ‘Tamworth Freedom Fighters’ on Facebook which we will be taking an occasional peep at. We assume from what we’ve seen, they’d lose in a scuffle with a paper bag, let alone against basic facts.

Our town does unfortunately have a bit of a reputation for being racist. There’s one thing not being happy with illegal immigrants entering the country, and then there’s the scary crap we see here on Facebook in the wild, cooked up by our very own residents. We seem to recall the very same rumour travelling around the town when Bolebridge garage, now Lidl, was knocked down many years ago. The irony that Kettlebrook Community Centre is for the community is lost on people like those shown above. Apparently to some in Tamworth, a community is only a community if you’re white and British.

Never mind a mosque. Tamworth needs a Thunderdome for the dimwitted.

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