Brina (no room) used an image like this for a post on us once

It’s always nice when someone takes the time to drop by and attempt to get information about who we are. Better still, attempt to get us to reply with the promise of some juicy information that we just cannot help ourselves to get hold of.

Over the last few weeks someone has been making some very feeble attempts to get access to accounts associated with this site. We know Major Misinformation Ron Brown nearly wet himself with joy a while back, when he found out the astounding revelation that we use Cloudflare and did a post about it. For the none technical amongst us we are told by our technical team it’s what’s called a content delivery network, making sure that your access to Debunking is as quick as an unladen swallow. It also handily keeps people with the proclivity to probe at arms length.

What has really caught our attention this week is an email received offering us some juicy information, with what we can only deduce is the personal email address of one Councillor Robert Pritchard, along with his (deliberately?) misspelt council email address copied in. The Information in question is on one of our occasional cast of characters on this site, that if it was true we of course would love to know, I mean who wouldn’t? What did our correspondent do that got our hackles up? They forgot the first rule of the Debunking contact page. We will not reply to you. You’re not going to draw us out that way because believe it or not we aren’t stupid.

As we mentioned, this person also copied Councillor Pritchard in to the email, and we can only wonder what he thinks of it. We have accidentally made him a Debunking suspect a while back and published a story with a screenshot showing the hapless Councillors mug all over it. Since we are nice and wanted presents this year, we took it down after he’d sent us a lovely email requesting this. The urchin in charge of email got a whipping that day believe us, but don’t you worry, they enjoyed it.

Having looked into the person that sent us the email, we did think we’d found a link between them and a company run by a sitting member of the Council (and there quite possibly is). We aren’t going to name them because we just don’t do that kind of thing (unless you’re pretending to be Councillor Danny Cook, yes that did happen). So the moral of the story is dear Reader “If you’ve got something to say to us, then say it”. We won’t just publish any old guff though, we have to have some proof. And for those that we are on the naughty list of, feel free to probe away, we will just clench that little bit more.

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