Do you know what any of this means dear Debunking reader? Does anyone have any clue where it came from or to what it relates? It seems that this Councillor has either just copy and pasted some of the contents of her email inbox in error, or actually thinks this is some kind of meaningful communication with her residents. What we do know is that whatever these are, they have been scheduled for delivery on the 6th and 13th December, so maybe if you go and stand on Centurion Way and Quarry Hill on those days you might find out, because you sure as heck aren’t going to find out from this. She’s also going to get photos post work, ooh Matron! We’re kidding, we actually know these are road repairs before you start contacting us, but seriously, what is the thinking behind this?

Updated 5th December 2023

Tina Dear, how deliciously sexist, our pronouns are “They, Them and Theirs” and don’t forget the capital letters, although we are aware you are apparently allergic to them.

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