Its been a while since we’ve had any contact for the mailbag. We usually get correspondence quite regularly, almost daily, but not all of those are for the Mailbag and sometimes story tips are for things we have covered before (but still thank you to those that send them in). We would like to remind you that you can send us any information you like (use a VPN if you are worried about being traced or a disposable email address). Your correspondence with us will be published ‘as is’ unless even we can’t risk publishing it (and it would have to be really bad or completely unfounded for that to happen). You can have a rant, an opinion, even a pop at us if you like, we might even respond with a comment. There’s now around 7,000 unique visitors a month to this site, we’d show you a graph but we expect the cynical like us, to think we just made the stats up. If you put a name we won’t publish it unless you tell us it’s okay to. Just use the contact page for the details and make sure to tell us if it’s for the letters page or a story tip. It doesn’t have to be about politics, or even Brina (a popular choice for most people who contact us).

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