We don’t normally do post requests here at Debunking Tamworth, but our correspondent was insistent that this was made in to a post. We love our readers because most are critical thinkers who aren’t of the woolly munching grass kind. Here’s what they sent to us:

Is it me or is it quite ironic that Brina is putting posts up warning folks about being scammed on Black Friday when he’s one of the worst out there from reading your posts ie his bouncy castle scam

Oh we do think it is ironic dear reader, we certainly do! Our ever present not so local Leicestershire Troll Paul Brina Brindley (failed Councillor, failed businessman, liar, hate merchant, all round meanie) has been reposting warnings on his Facebook pages against being scammed on this the most holiest day for shoppers (though getting increasingly worse, Debunking saved money today). Now whilst the scam advice is of course sound, it won’t be long until the elections come round or Brina gets a bee in his pretty little bonnet about something. He’ll be dishing out lies and mistruths like a good’un. We appreciate our reader taking time out from their hectic black Friday shopping to remind us of this. Especially since Mr Brindley is remaining quiet about various issues currently happening with the Tamworth Tory party such as Goostrygate. No-one can say he is anything but loyal to people he loves, his proper best buddy pal Councillor Thomas Jay is up for the big seat at the table as leader of the Council when Tories get round to voting for it amidst their inner group strife. If someone else gets to be leader, presumably in the next few weeks surely? Be absolutely sure that your normal Brina Trolling service will resume shortly.

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