We might be showing our age here at Debunking Tamworth, if you’re not familiar with Rawhide then let’s just pretend that headline didn’t happen.

Local Troll, bully, coward, failed businessman and failed Tory politician (the list is getting longer) Paul Brina Brindley has decided to get started early on next years elections by attacking a local councillor he appears to take a particular interest in. On his Tamworth ‘anything but’ Independent Voice page which he runs anonymously and sometimes speaks to from himself from his other page, has decided to attack Amington Councillor Martin Summers in a bizzare rant that even people who commented were questioning the source and the reasoning behind the post. Naturally their comments were swiftly deleted other than one from Brina’s limpet friend Christopher J Williams self proclaimed AI King of Tamworth (as if AI is somehow hard to use) which naturally backs up the post. We’ve not seen the referenced rant because we suspect it simply doesn’t exist, having regularly checked Councillors social media (naturally), Councillor Summers does not appear to have a Facebook page anymore and hasn’t since before the election. Hence when another now deleted comment on the post asked where the rant was ‘so they could see it for themselves’ it could not be provided.

Councillor Summers (who is not as stated the councils conduct officer, we checked with the council) is up in May 2024, he and his wife (who recently lost the Amington By Election) have been the subject of abuse from Paul Brindley on his Facebook pages on several occasions and we had not understood why until we dug a bit further. We had been made aware (but could not corroborate until we checked with our sources), that this is quite simply because poor old Brina couldn’t stand Councillor Summer’s wife calling out incorrect information on his Facebook pages. We understand that Brindley sent a message to Councillor Summers (seen by many of debunkings sources) blackmailing him with threats that personal messages and discussions between the two of them when Brindley was still a councillor, would be released to his social media pages if Councillor Summers did not shut her up. Naturally when this didn’t happen (because shock horror, women even have the vote now Brina) Brindley made good on his threat on a Facebook page called Tamworth Examiner (please do go find this page it’s chock full of off the wall conspiracies). Brina has noticeably ramped up his attacks on this particular Councillor even going to the effort of including a Mr Angry graphic, and will no doubt increase them right up until May.

Now, we at Debunking find it highly unlikely that any Tory is going to survive May’s local elections including Councillor Summers. The National Conservative party have done a fantastic job recently of completely ballsing up any chances of local election wins with their recent insanity. Debunking Tamworth however, has always taken the position that these particular Facebook groups of Paul Brindleys are dangerous to local democracy in Tamworth, especially when they cross the line into bullying and harassment. We are happy to expose anything like the above that can be reasonably corroborated by us if you contact us here.

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