We are really not surprised to see Brina starting to ramp up the rhetoric yet again on his Tamworth Voice page. Unfortunately it’s the usual BS and our not so Local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed businessman, merchant of hate, bully, liar, etc) is now complaining via a ‘resident’ sending him a message about parking.

Now shall we compare and contrast with Brina’s foaming at the mouth rant in February supporting his best bud Richard Kingstone? Let’s:

What do we have here then. Can you spot the difference? Now we as everyone in Tamworth knows there are signs at the entrance to this area that state quite clearly it is only open to taxis buses and for loading. Market Street is not actually a pedestrian area at certain times, it’s been like that for many many years. The rise in popularity of apps such as Just Eat Foodhub and Uber Eats have fuelled an explosion of delivery drivers catering to Tamworth’s takeaway market. All of a sudden we have delivery drivers taking advantage of the fact that they are indeed allowed by law to park up outside of the restaurants to collect the food and move on. Now surprise surprise Brindley and his agenda ignores what he’s said in February, ignores the law, and posts this supposedly from a resident who claims they didn’t want to walk through the town in the dark. We smell a rat here, especially because it’s Brindley and his propaganda page. The town is safe, many people would be around at that time of night, it is well lit and covered by CCTV. A drop off can be completed just before entering the restricted area just a few yards away from where this person was supposedly being dropped off. Unfortunately with the likes of Brina, facts and critical thinking don’t apply when he’s got a drum to bang and evidently the man isn’t going to give up with his usual diet of cows fecal matter. That is all!!!

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