Thankfully it is only virtually, but here he is yet again after his attention seeking move of temporarily taking down his page. This time he really wants you to know how cuddly and helpful he is.

Now of course what he neglects to mention is that Brindley runs this page as a business. If you are a business and want to appear on his page then you have to pay, quite a bit. He’s not doing this altruistically folks. You’d be better off visiting Tamworth Spotted (Not for profit) if you really want to see a Facebook group trying to help the local community. Brindley doesn’t do anything he can’t get something out of, which of course is why he quit Tamworth Borough Council. There’s plenty (and we mean plenty) of people who know Paul Brindley’s dubious reputation in Tamworth.

Who behaves like this when they’re doing ‘charity’ work?

If it isn’t constantly slagging off people he doesn’t like in vile attacks, it’s talking down the town he professes to care about. It’s gaining a BEM with little to no effort involved, whilst making sure to get plenty of selfies of himself ‘helping’ during the pandemic whilst other actual charities who work hard all the time were ignored by him, and their efforts duplicated rather than assisted. The man is the antithesis of caring or helpful. If he can’t make money from you, if he can’t gain something he desires, he doesn’t care. Our mailbag appears to agree, even the ones we hadn’t published prior to starting our mailbag page and the ones we would love to publish but are more ‘one liners’ if you catch our drift. Brina of course loves to get praise and thanks, especially for the arduous task of publishing someone’s message on his Facebook page. So dear readers, shall we see how long Brina keeps up the act on his pages?

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