We have referenced this group a few times, if you’ve not seen the Tamworth Examiner Facebook group before then have a look here. It was founded and is administrated by a low level troll Ron Brown, someone we can only describe nicely as ‘batshit’.

Ron has hung around Tamworth politics like a bad smell for some years. He was most well known to Councillors on Tamworth Borough Council for coming along and filming meetings some years back, believing he was getting one over on the Council by exposing what happens at meetings. From our conversations with people who recall that time, when in fact the Councillors engaged and encouraged him and then indeed started filming the meetings themselves, Brown was never seen at meetings regularly again.

Ron now spends his retirement administrating The Tamworth Examiner Facebook groups, making the occasional field trip out to places he has heard about like the Bolehall Moor debacle, sticking his nose in as if he can make any difference. He also comes up with wild conspiracy theories about the Council and local government in general without evidently having a clue as to how it all works. Take a look at this howler which sums up the man’s understanding in one post.

This is Ron, complaining that TBC (Tamworth Borough Council) employees are being paid to tell us what the weather is, when it is in fact a post from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue giving advice what to do in bad weather and nothing at all to do with the council. Even if it were from the Council, Ron often complains about lack of engagement with residents, then decides he would prefer their communications team not do their job. Make your mind up Ron.

As you will see from many of Ron’s posts he is very fond of using CAPITAL LETTERS to make a point. Which as we all generally know, is usually an immediate sign of crazy.

Ron is the kind of bitter twisted Tamworth resident who spreads so much hate, misinformation, and lies on his Facebook page (not to mention contradictions) that we hate here on Debunking Tamworth. He hates for the sake of hating. As you would expect we have the likes of Jason Aston and Baby Troll Christopher J Williams also hanging around in the group (you know you’re in great company there!), and another admin Mark Hopkins who is just as clueless as Ron is. Another beauty that represents the power of the pages brain trust below:

Here you can see an example of exceptional intelligence at work here, complaining about roadworks and then flipping over to complaining about repairs not being done.

From our research, we have been able to gather several examples of Ron and Co’s bizarre rants from just a few weeks. Including complaining about not hearing from Councillors until elections, then complaining when they dare to update their residents outside of them. Wondering why we aren’t using our mobiles to cast votes, believing the reason to be a big government conspiracy, whilst completely ignoring the obvious security, not to mention fraud and coercion problems (just to mention a couple of obvious ones) that would arise. We only have to look at the respected institution California Tech (Caltech) to explain why even the American’s don’t do it. Democracy is serious Ron, not Britains got talent. We also understand that Ron regularly asks AI questions regarding Tamworth, ignoring the fact that AI can regularly ‘hallucinate’ and quite simply make things up, but this man takes what is output from his new AI friend and takes it as gospel, presenting it as fact to his followers. There’s so much more we could provide here, but we are bored already after reading so much drivel so far today.

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