This stuff writes itself, it really does. After being left confused and then rocking back and forth for a few hours (as we can only imagine visitors to his group are left doing after reading his posts). Debunking just had to showcase the latest out of space oddity that is Major Ron’s rant against Debunking Tamworth. Here it is in all its glory.

Now we know who Ron thinks runs this page, he thinks it’s Councillor Robert Pritchard or Andrew Cooper. He’s had beef with the former for a while, we’ve regularly seen Ron having a palava in his pants over Pritchard’s posts on Facebook. Now of course our fave politician Cooper, unwittingly gave us our kickstart into 6 thousand visitor a month stardom, (yes can you believe how we’ve grown) and is on the hit list for that reason. Oh wouldn’t we love to be a digital fly on the wall in Ron’s private messages right now. Maybe we are?

We’d have written this article sooner but we were busy teaching our Granny how to swear, when a Vicar Priest Rabbi and an Imam dropped by, and we had a heated discussion about jokes failing to deliver on punchlines.

We can only assume that the foul language Ron is referring to is us calling him ‘batshit’ in our previous article about him. Naturally he’s upped the ante, and some, to prove that he is indeed on another planet.

What was the comment on his post we hear you shout?

We can only guess Mark spent the afternoon smoking something illegal, or is suffering from the effects of reading excessive capitalisation and exclamation marks, not to mention use of bold text in Ron’s post. Anyway, thanks for the shout-out Major Ron, we will be sure to take our protein pills and put our helmet on next time we visit your page.

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