Good Morning from our outpost surveying all of Tamworth from the top of No. 1 Tamworth Towers. It’s a miserable day outside but we are upbeat, we’ve been carrying out a few upgrades to the site in recent days, one of which we are launching today. We quite often have people send us opinions or information that doesn’t quite fit in with Debunking Tamworth. Whilst we love hearing Brina’s latest activity (more on him later) it’s not always something that can make a post. So we’ve decided to try a good old-fashioned honest to goodness letters page.

We are inviting you to send in your witty and enlightening correspondence or even just a good ‘ol rant to [email protected] or use the Contact Form. We will publish pretty much everything we get as is. You of course will be completely anonymous unless you choose to give us an alias or nickname (isn’t this exciting!). Believe it or not we have absolutely no idea who you are because our security works both ways. When and if we have anything to publish you will find a new letters link on our menu. If no-one writes in to us, we will slink off, pretend it never happened and question our reason for being for at least 3 weeks.

So get writing, otherwise the web developer who lives in our basement will have spent all day yesterday putting in a letters page for nothing.

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