We are going to blow our trumpet somewhat here as we’ve hit a milestone in visits to this site that we never expected. 4 thousand unique visitors in the last 30 days and even more repeat visits.

We set up debunking some 6 months ago to this week. We set it up to call out the questionable and downright dirty trolling behaviour of some of the towns less savoury residents (or former residents as the case may be) that think nothing of spouting crap on their Facebook pages, some anonymous and others not. Now whilst we are fully aware that this site is anonymous, we quite clearly state on our about page that we do not expect anyone to believe anything they read on these pages. We also know that the posts we put up have the truth behind them and that if you speak to the right people or give it enough time then they are proven. If we receive tips we take them with a pinch of salt or at least check with our sources to see if they are true before publishing. We are sent information on an irregular basis and often source it ourselves as people from our experience clearly love to talk. We are on the side of good and we are very aware of the tightrope we are walking in that respect. We believe most people are intelligent enough to decide or find out whether something is good and true or not.

We have in the spirit of collecting more information to aid our goals put up a contact form to send us anything you have, rather than go to the trouble of creating a new email address which some have. You can find our new contact form on the menu. We will never ever contact you back, so if you’ve got something to send then send it. Just remember that we won’t be publishing anything there is no evidence for even if the evidence itself is not published.

Over the coming months we will be looking to improve the site, especially the mobile experience. What we thought would be a short project to fill our considerable free time, is now quite a worthy cause to carry on, and we shall do so in the name of exposing misinformation, downright lies, trolls (Shout out to Brina), bullies and harassment.

Thanks from the team at Debunking Tamworth for your continued support.

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