It would seem Tory parliamentary candidate Andrew Cooper has some spies in his midst. Someone has deep dived his personal Facebook and gone back to those heady days of October 2020 to find something potentially embarrassing for him.

Now we’ve borrowed someone’s screenshot here, we are sure they won’t mind (Hi Brina!) we just needed to point out that we didn’t put the arrow in there.

Now, we’ve seen the usual suspects giving the usual faux outrage response as if Cooper killed a kitten live on public TV in front of the Robert Peel statue. But let’s take the emotion out of this and take a look at what is being said.

It boils down to this, it’s saying if you are claiming you cannot feed your children, but simultaneously pay for expensive mobile contracts, pay TV and get cosmetic treatments all whilst sitting on your backside not working, you can ‘fuck off’ or otherwise if you are genuinely struggling, get help.

Now we at debunking are of the opinion that only a moron would be able to find a problem with this way of thinking. Naturally Local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (failed businessman, bully, yada yada) and his protégé baby troll Christopher J Williams have taken their outrage about this to their respective Facebook pages and proven that point. On one screenshot Cooper is even called a cretin for voicing essentially what anyone but looney left liberal nut jobs would actually say. No-one is entitled to claim they ‘can’t feed their kids’ when they clearly have their priorities wrong and spend the money on things that most definitely are not necessities. Of course there is also plenty of help available for those that reach out to find it.

Now, whilst this may be spun by those that wish the Tories in Tamworth to lose (which Debunking has already called it that they most likely will thanks to their London counterparts) that this is shocking and outrageous, in fact it is a sentiment which most people would probably completely agree with.

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