Just when you thought the political scene in Tamworth couldn’t get more muddied and Crazy, self styled ‘Little Miss Independent’ Michelle Cook is back to shit in your breakfast. Having put her middle finger up to Amington in the last election where she would have had to defend her seat as an independent for the first time, Cook skipped over to Glascote to stand there instead, and thankfully got rejected in short order. She didn’t even change the name of her Facebook group presumably full of confused Amington residents wondering why they were hearing about their still current local councillor banging on about Glascote.

Shockingly for someone who somehow made a living from being an owner of a PR company, Cook has now resumed service as normal on her Amington Facebook page as if nothing ever happened. Handy she hadn’t renamed it Glascote hey? Yes she’s trying again for Amington in a brazen attempt to win back their affection with such stunning floral language about how little help she gets as an independent compared to those big nasty national parties who aren’t self serving egotists. Conveniently forgetting that the last time she was elected as a councillor was with the help and resources of said national party, and voters with a higher IQ than former Councillor Cook who realise that independents by their very nature don’t actually get things done as a team of one. Oh and she conveniently forgets that People before politics as her slogan is, doesn’t really work when you abandon the people you represented for your own political career. Let’s also not forget that Tamworth Independent Future, the unregistered political party she pulls the strings within is not exactly independent when it’s made up of your husband, father, bloke who is having relations with husbands engaged stepdaughter, best friend and some random bloke they needed to make up the numbers.

Let’s also not forget that this is the same Michelle Cook who quite happily lobbied the planning committee, making personal visits to Councillors houses in her capacity as PR agent for the housing development being built in Coton Lane. Furiously denying any wrong doing, Cook sealed the deal by abandoning her Amington residence and moving to a brand new 800k house on the development she had been hawking, with her husband Daniel Cook, henpecked former leader of the Council. Not before causing the resignation of Councillor Richard Kingstone and the implosion of the local Conservative party.

You couldn’t make this crap up really could you.

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