Heres another bold claim from our friends at Independent Future. At least someone is making claims even if they are utter guff. Can’t have it all.

Unless you have been living hermit like in a remote cave, you will have heard of Covid and the effects if had on the world economy and the way companies and other various organisations work. Well councils were not immune to this either, there was no vaccine against economic conditions sadly.

Tamworth Borough Council along with many organisations went through a huge transformation to respond to the pandemic, it could not have been any more huge than it was. All staff apart from frontline operational are now working from home, heck the whole building they used to work with is going to be demolished to eventually be replaced with a slimmed down offering somewhere in town.

All of this is on the public record, plain as day to see. So whomever put the claim that the council needs a complete restructure to cope with the post pandemic world obviously must have been living in said aforementioned cave and given a 5 minute catch up on the whole pandemic thing. Not only was it an immense restructure in the way the council does it’s business, it was in response to the pandemic chiefly to cope with the post pandemic world.

Let’s try to do better with the facts next time eh?

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