We have resisted the calls to rate Councillors ourselves, simply because we do not know all of them as well as we could for such an exercise. Also since many people think this site is run by Councillors, you wouldn’t seriously expect us to rate ourselves would you? Plus we genuinely couldn’t be bothered.

Someone however has been bothered and sent this in to the Mailbag this evening. Given the effort involved, we thought we’d make a story of it. Let’s hand over to our dear Reader:

I’ve come up with a rating of councillors.

This is just my personal opinion of how I’ve seen them in meetings, in public and during their elections.

Let’s get down to business.

Rosemary Claymore, 0/10 does fuck all.
Lewis Smith, 4/10 he’s a charmer on the door steps but doesn’t speak at meetings and doesn’t actually seem to be doing anything.
Andy Wells, 1/10 did nothing in his campaign and done nothing since.

Craig Adam’s, 6/10 seems to really care but mainly about bins.
Nova Arkney 1/10 career politician will only care about herself.
Thomas Jay, 5/10 has done a lot but cares to much about his image.

Sarah Daniels, 6/10 lovely person and does care but doesn’t seem to do much.
Carol Dean, 2/10 useless in the chamber and can not lead.
Ken Norchi, 4/10 lovely guy but should have stayed in retirement.

Ben Price, 6/10 good at what he does but doesn’t speak enough.
Natalie Statham, 2/10 little bit dim and only cares about her own image.
Lee Wood, 0/10 smug bastard, shit councillor.

Chris Bain, 2/10 only talks about what people aren’t doing never comes up with a solution and mainly just goes on about national issues.
Helen Hadley, 2/10 heartless was the right word you used to describe this one and does love to report fly tipping by her own residents and blame the council.
Janice Wadrup, 0/10 Who? She’s never there.

Lee Clarke, 5/10 very good guy could speak up more.
Richard Kingstone 1/10 opinionated, loves the blame game and shows off on social media plus loves the sound of his own voice.
Patricia Pallett, 2/10 will only ever do as she’s told by her leader/party and nothing more.

Gareth Coates, 8/10 great guy, good councillor and has morals.
Marion Couchman, 4/10 was good in her hay day time will tell this time round.
Samuel Smith 6/10 speaks a lot in the chamber and isn’t afraid to use his voice.

Margaret Clarke, 8/10 knows her stuff and will get results, lots of respect for her.
Stephen Doyle, 7/10 works hard but a little opinionated and arrogant.
Paul Turner, 1/10 likes to be bowed down to, throws his money round and is very arrogant (only his views count, to him).

Marie Bailey, 5/10 don’t know much about her, keeps her self to her self, needs to speak up more in the chamber.
Jeremy Oates, 10/10 knows everything there is to know about Tamworth and the council.
Martin Summers, 9/10 intelligent, passionate and definitely has morals, does voice his annoyance at times though (people a make their own minds up if that’s a good thing or not).

Ben Clarke, 6/10 great guy but never speaks.
Tina Clements, 5/10 gets the job done but only if there is a camera there.
David Foster, 5/10 was good in his hay day but not good enough for deputy leader.

Would love to know if Debunking agrees or disagrees with me?

[Debunking Response: What do we think of the ratings, well we’d say they’re a pretty fair assessment. Although Councillor Oates gets more love than we probably would have given him.]

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