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Spoiler Alert: No it’s not.

Ah the ever helpful, ever truthful Spotted Tamworth. Posting yet more lies and misinformation for those all important clicks. There’s some people in this world who love to come up with complete bullshit (preferably with a smattering of some truthful origin if you’re really determined), then smear it all over the rest of society because it gives them some perverse pleasure in doing so. There’s the pages that enable this bullshit to reach a wider audience. Then there’s a whole bunch of brainless people with nothing going on between the ears who fall for it without question hook line and sinker, better still they’re outraged we tell you, outraged!

The Centurion hotel is not being used for an asylum hotel, as you might guess. It is however being used by the likes of Zoe Smith and Vicky Wykes shown below as the basis of their bizarre fantasy presumably for the likes and attention. People who have literally made things up themselves adding to and perpetuating lies on Facebook. Who’d have thought it eh? As you will also see though, there was at least a few people on duty, particularly Shelby Moxon, to assist the collective Spotted Tamworth audience brain cell, and tell the actual truth.

Special mention on this thread has to go to this lady though:

Apparently Tamworth Borough Council build hotels now. The current owners of the site might be very surprised that they’re having a municipal hotel re built on their land. Tamworth Council would also be surprised we imagine as well. Some random on Facebook said it though so it must absolutely be true.

It’s quite possible a few annoyed workers at the Centurion might have thought to start a few rumours to cause trouble for their employer. Sadly though rumours like this whip around Tamworth and a mind numbingly large majority of people don’t even consider it might not be true and get stuck in. Cos lies are fun aren’t they and it’s easier to believe stuff like this than firing up your brain and questioning it.

Talking of Facebook groups, we’ve always meant to give a shout out to Tamworth Spotted (non profit) who as the name suggests don’t make a profit on advertising on their page, only charging a small fee that gets donated to charity, and actually really does help the local community. Any decent business would surely pick this venue to associate their business with rather than one that is happy to spread wild lies.

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