Ahoy. All ship shape and Bristol fashion in the Council Chamber tonight?

Well highlights from the poop deck- budget meeting tonight.

Danny Cook – soon to lose his seat in May and new champion of the vunerable was showboating as the new chief executive was in the room.

Question, just when is a workshop not a workshop? Well, maybe when it’s a seminar.

Labours Carol Dean….General of the anti fun police…puts again on record that she wants less fireworks…conclusion – vote Labour lose events.

Labours Craig Adams providing some ballast reiterated cutting back on events.

A retort from Cllr Super Cooper on events firing back a number of shells.From what I could ascertain Chief chicken counter Chris Bain wants to take the council and town back 25yrs..

A heated battle commenced at close quarters between Summers and Cook with Cllr Summers firing a broadside, and sank a tired cruiser.

Cllr Pritchard gives a warning from history about the dangers of a port side council.Finally, is the wind direction changing, well maybe, but a good balanced budget by those on the Starboard.

Notes from the Admiral

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