We are a bit late with this one, but local troll, former Conservative Councillor and failed business owner Paul Brina Brindley has moved completely out of the area. It hasn’t however stopped him continuing to interfere with Tamworth elections has he has previously done. The man who has left a string of failed businesses and debts in the thousands in Tamworth in his wake, is still insistent on taking out his personal grudge with local politicians who wouldn’t let him manipulate the Council for his own gain. He finally quit when he realised he and associates would not be able to benefit from being a Councillor.

Paul Brina Brindley for those that need reminding runs the Tamworth Spotted Facebook Group, Tamworth Independent Voice Facebook Group, and Neglected Tamworth Facebook Group. Those are just the ones that we know of. Whilst continuing to push his best mate Richard Kingstone as the best person to fill the vacant MP seat in Tamworth, he continues to turn out lies mistruths and complete dross to talk down the town he supposedly loves. All whilst now living completely outside of the area.

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