Another post on Facebook recently by an ex Councillor who himself stood down and left the Tory party. This particular Councillor is very active using a large Facebook group used by people for sharing news and information about Tamworth that was purchased and recently renamed and now used to reflect the personal opinions of the former Councillor.

The allegation is that a member of the Conservative party and a member of the controlling group hit their wife in front of many witnesses including many members of the party and Councillors. Whilst there’s no evidence (who needs that on Facebook hey?) that this happened, it does tie in with the departure of a particular Councillor. We can only assume that nothing formal happened with the Police otherwise it would have potentially have been made public. Unfortunately we just do not know. We can only hope if it is true that the Tories did in fact do the right thing and boot the Councillor out.

This is where the conspiracy starts. The accused Councillor has decided to stand again for election. According to the Facebook post this is a collusion with the current leader of the Council to stand in a marginal ward and split the vote for the Tories gain. Well, can you guess what evidence there is to back this up. That’s right, none. Unfortunately though it seems that many lap this kind of thing up and it would seem from the comments that some would think this is the gospel truth. We would caution anyone buying into this story, because without evidence, it is just a tall tale from a seemingly very bitter man.

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