Yes, a group of people who have left a political group to form their own group can call themselves independent, and their candidates can be referred to as independent candidates in elections.

In politics, the term “independent” generally refers to candidates or groups who are not affiliated with any political party. If a group of people have left a political party to form their own group, and their candidates are not running under the banner of any political party, then they can be considered independent candidates.

However, it is important to note that the term “independent” can have different connotations in different contexts. Some people may use the term to describe candidates who are not beholden to special interests or who are not part of the establishment, while others may use it simply to mean candidates who are not affiliated with a political party. Therefore, it is important to clarify what is meant by the term “independent” in a particular context.

Can they still call themselves independent if they are all expected to vote the same way as a group in meetings?

If a group of candidates who are running as independents are expected to vote the same way as a group in meetings, then it may call into question the extent to which they are truly independent. Being an independent candidate typically implies that the candidate is not bound by any party line or voting bloc and can vote according to their own conscience and judgment.

However, it is worth noting that there may be legitimate reasons for candidates to vote the same way as a group in meetings. For example, they may share a common platform or set of values and principles, and may have agreed to vote a certain way in order to advance their shared goals. In such cases, the candidates may still be considered independent as long as they are not affiliated with a political party and are not bound by any party rules or directives.

Ultimately, whether a group of candidates can credibly call themselves independent will depend on the specific circumstances and context of their situation. It may be helpful for voters to look at the candidates’ positions on key issues, their voting records (if applicable), and their overall approach to governance in order to determine whether they truly embody the spirit of independence.

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