Most of us agree on this surely, recycling is an important way to reduce waste and protect the environment. However, some recycling methods can be inefficient and impractical. One such method is the use of bags for recycling, including the blue bags used by some councils in England and were introduced by Tamworth Borough Council relatively recently.

The use of bags for recycling has some negative aspects. One of the main problems is that bags can easily be blown away in the wind, which can cause litter and harm to wildlife.

In addition, bags can be difficult to handle and transport, particularly when they are full of heavy or bulky materials. This can make it more difficult and expensive for councils to collect and process the recycling.

Another issue with using bags for recycling is that they can become torn or damaged, which can lead to further contamination of the materials inside. This can make it more difficult to recycle the materials and may even render them unusable. It will also mean they have to be replaced much more often than an alternative.

To address these issues, there are alternatives to using bags for recycling. One option is to use wheelie bins or other containers that are more secure and can be easily transported. We had an abundance of these bins available from our previous recycling scheme. Using wheelie bins can reduce the risk of litter and make it easier to collect and process the recycling.

Another option and one that is controversial seeing as people tend not to like taking responsibility for their own waste, is to encourage people to bring their recyclable materials to designated collection points, such as recycling centres or collection bins in public areas. This approach can reduce the need for bags or bins altogether and make it easier to manage and process the recycling.

In short, using bags for recycling has negative aspects, including litter, difficulty in handling and transporting, and contamination. By exploring alternatives such as wheelie bins or designated collection points, we can make recycling more practical and effective while protecting the environment. Instead, for now we have to suffer with the ridiculous decision to give us bags that our council and presumably the controlling group at the time gave us.

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