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So where was Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North when this debate on illegal immigration happened? Quite clearly not there. She’s new, she’s an up and coming Labour star, she’s not shy standing up in parliament. We already know she couldn’t give a toss about illegal immigration and has voted against stricter rules. Simultaneously she’s criticised the government for spending cash housing the illegal migrants, as if they have a choice and haven’t tried booting them out of the country immediately to Rwanda when they arrive, (and been blocked from doing it at all stages).

Our MPs have one bloody job and that’s to turn up and debate things, and Edwards loves the world to know how she feels. With none of her back bencher colleagues there to hog the time, she could have gone to town (which would make a change unless she needs a selfie with her lunch). Instead she is missing in action, nowhere to be seen whilst at least a decent smattering of Tories are there to do their jobs. Is it because Labour have no real plan to put up against the Tories Rwanda plan?

As happened in 1997 onwards and will again, the floodgates opened, the illegal migrants came flooding in and the barristers got fat off the human rights cases brought about thanks to Tony Blair introducing the enabling Human Rights Act. Labour are already going to undo the Rwanda plan which has been rubbished, even though it has been working (which of course has had much less attention). The illegal immigrants do not need to come here in the first place and our country is seen as a soft touch. It is certainly not their safest first option and people are literally risking their lives for the pot of gold at the end, only now for the time being, with the threat of immediate deportation, that is in Ireland.

You’re meant to feel intolerant and racist if you have any of these thoughts when the left wing get their violins out. While there certainly are a large number of racist bigots in Tamworth, there are a good number of decent people who fear being associated with those racist bigots. Those people are simply shamed into not saying what they really think for fear of being branded racist when in fact for them it has bugger all to do with the colour of anyone’s skin. A good proportion of those decent people are hoodwinked into voting for the same people who will happily open up the floodgates once more. Somehow Labour have managed to push the idea that Rwanda isn’t going to work, and people are believing them.

In Tamworth and anywhere with migrant hotels, once the asylum claims are processed, houses in the private sector are found for them to live in at more cost to the taxpayer (along with decent support packages). It doesn’t take a genius to work out the basics of supply and demand causes the resulting lack of affordable houses to rent becoming a huge problem for the natives. Buy to let and investment Landlords have killed the housing market in Tamworth and the rest of the country. People entering the country unnecessarily and illegally, who then occupy those houses just compounds the problem. Edwards doesn’t care so long as she has her career, Labour doesn’t care, expect it to get worse after the next general election.

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