We have had word that ‘disappeared’ former Tory Councillor Paul Thompson has been booted off Fazeley Town Council for none attendance. If a member of a Council fails to turn up for meetings within a six month time frame, they are automatically ejected from office.

Thompson hasn’t been seen since he was suspended by the Tory group some time ago, amid a row within the Tory WhatsApp group (what is it with politicians and WhatsApp?). He apparently extended his disdain to Fazeley Town Council and has failed to show up, having only ever made an intermittent effort. It seems quite a few people get themselves on Parish Councils only to either forget or ignore them.

This now causes a by-election for Fazeley, although we understand they are going down the co-opt route to avoid making all 3 people interested in voting in Fazeley turn up to do so in person.

We reached out to Councillor Alex Farrell (Leader of the Fazeley Tories) for comment on this situation. We’ll update the story if we hear back.

Updated: We can’t be totally sure it’s him as he used the form, but here’s a response from Councillor Farrell apparently. PS: The story was us reaching out.

Hello Debunking Team,

I’m still waiting to be “reached out” to, as per your last post, but I can confirm that Paul Thompson is no longer a Fazeley Town Councillor due to lack of attendance.

A quick update for you too – at our last meeting I was voted in as Deputy Mayor of Fazeley, and the prestigious role of Leader of Fazeley Town Council has gone to the excellent Cllr Simon Goodall.

Also – to your contributor in the Mailbag a few days ago who thinks I’m funny enough to be the author of debunking. That’s very complimentary – the site does give me a chuckle sometimes – but I’m afraid to say it’s not me. For those who watch the pantomime you’ll know my writing isn’t this good 😉

This is actually my second ever Mailbag post, and quite possibly my last. I’m more of a passive observer than an active participant in all things Debunking.

Keep pressing and guessing!

Alex Farrell

[Debunking Response: We thought you’d be better off in the story]
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