Edward’s Facebook is a goldmine for those who like to watch in mirth, at our clueless career MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards showing her complete lack of knowledge or sincere interest in Tamworth.

Sarah decided to darken the doorstep of Tamworth Computer Centre on Victoria Road. People who know Tamworth are already slapping their hand to their head after reading the post above. That’s because they know, Victoria Road can hardly be called a High Street. Sarah of course doesn’t, having likely never even put a foot into Tamworth until her party shoehorned her in here.

We had correspondence to the Mailbag alerting us to this latest gaffe. Oddly enough shortly afterwards, as if someone in her team keeps a keen eye on Debunking to see if their boss is gracing these pages again. It was changed:

What a bloody shame for her that Facebook has edit history now. We wonder if it’s her bodyguard she is permanently attached to former Councillor Simon Peaple, protecting her virtually too (you’ve got to see this in person if you get chance). Naturally there were a few astonished comments that were deleted under the post. Including one from Major Conspiracy Ron Brown who proved he can actually write a comment with just two words, it was deleted before we grabbed it.

Edwards is still doing her best to try and make people think she’s anything but a Labour party Union plant to ensure she got a seat, for rapid career prospects to then kick in. After all they do need to shore up their top team when in Government thanks to all of those resignations. You can bet Sarah will have an even more plum job then whilst Tamworth is left behind in her wake.

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