Councillor Daniel Cook has become well known for his broad sweeping statements these days. Such as “we must do more to help the vulnerable” despite passing up every opportunity to do just that. Something else came of the meeting to agree the Councils’ budget for the year, that we have only just twigged, a lightbulb moment if you will.

During a heated exchange with Councillor Martin Summers, and confirming publicly that he had indeed been rejected by the Conservative Party. Cook made the statement as to apparently why that was: “Because telling the truth about sexual predators is the wrong thing to do in the Conservative Party”. You can see the video here with his retort at 1:11:30. It was responded to by Summers with “Why try to come back then”. Why indeed.

Now, we all know he’s done his media tour regarding Chris Pincher and made a police complaint after the fact, which we understand is still ongoing. However we do wonder given the timeframe, if he is making the broad statement in relation to this story we published some time ago and we’ve never heard anything at all about since. This was the alleged exposure by Deputy Mayor Daniel Maycock to various ladies in a group online, publicly accused by someone since gone to ground. As we said at the time, it could all well have been rubbish.

Baby Troll Christopher J Williams (we know you’re back by the way, we’ve seen you start to BS your way around Facebook again) was very keen to get hold of the information, but both he and his potential source stayed very quiet after we published, and nothing was ever said since. So was Councillor Cook exposing the alleged exposure, did it happen on his watch and he was told to keep quiet as he alleges he was regarding Pincher?

We find it quite disconcerting that this was left unchecked so far as we are aware, and maybe Cook does too. Maycock is very much still in the deputy Mayor hot seat with no absences that we know of, what does that suggest? We don’t much like conspiracies, however, since Councillor Cook decided to open that particular can of worms again, we wonder if the particular Maycock worm story was the cause of all the recent fuss. Will he publicly clarify this as he seemed helpfully keen to do on his Tory party membership status?

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