Since we reported earlier that Councillor Paul Thompson had only attended one Fazeley Town Council meeting in 10 months, it has come to light that someone has beaten him to it in the neglecting Parishes stakes. Tamworth Borough Councillor and current Deputy Mayor Daniel Maycock, it appears, got himself elected on to Whittington & Hopwas Parish Council, only to never turn up, and get booted off. It has now caused a ‘Casual Vacancy‘ (also a reasonably okay book as it happens) or in other words, a by-election.

A rule for all Councillors on any kind of Council is to at least get their backside to a meeting once every six months. Apparently this was too much of a commitment for Councillor Maycock, who leaves several of his Tory colleagues behind. You can read the vacancy notice here on their very fetching website (yes we know, ours is no oil painting) and if you fancy it, apply and have a crack at the job yourself.

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