Oh no, as if things couldn’t get any worse with Kingstone and Bryan double teaming to con their way into election success. It appears someone we had hoped was a political relic is back to shit on our afternoon tea. Ex Councillor Michelle Cook (get over it love) has blown off the virtual cobwebs from her Facebook group and started to post again. This can sadly mean only one thing, she’s going to terrorise the local electorate and the Tories again in May. We thought we’d seen the back of her when she became an Alderwoman in November. Becoming an Alderman or Woman normally means you’ve packed it all in and fade into obscurity. Now whilst obscure, Cook is apparently not content with fading and would appear set to make a return with the only hope presumably of taking Tory votes away, now that any hope of her or her husband coming back to the Tory camp are well and truly dashed.

We hope enough people in Tamworth are aware of just how toxic Cook was for the political scene in Tamworth, giving everyone good reason to believe Councillors are corrupt, even when they most certainly are not (we’ve seen plenty of uneducated posts on Facebook about brown envelopes presumably from people quick to judge others by their own low standards). Cook blew apart the local Conservative party along with her husband (we doubt it was his idea) when they decided to leave and form their own party, over the Chris Pincher scandal, in which Danny Cook claimed to have been violated by the former MP (not going to the police before very publicly doing the media rounds).

All that remains is to see where she will be popping her head up next. Having left Amington to stand for Glascote (usually a good shout for Independent candidates) and failing to win that, we guess she will stand in Amington again, which is convenient given she never changed her Facebook group name for her confused Amington followers.

When Cook last stood in Amington she took enough votes from the Tories to let a Labour candidate in by the back door, that opportunity only arose thanks to the previous elected Labour Councillor who could never commit to the role quitting causing a by-election. The Labour party never did apologise for that and their lies and they won we suspect thanks to Cook standing on that occasion.

As you’ll see above, Cook was unapologetic too, stating that the Tory party “thought silence was more important than the truth” when in fact we at Debunking know that local Tory Councillors did not welcome the intense media scrutiny and intrusion on their lives as a result of Pinchers actions. No matter what their opinions, (and we’ve seen plenty to suggest they most definitely didn’t support him staying as MP), they had no control over the situation and didn’t wish to feed the press. Of course Cook, attention seeker that she is, evidently was only interested in her own interests and feelings and not those of her colleagues. Good luck to those having her election dross pushed through their door in May, or worse a personal visit from the woman herself.

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