Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, Failed Councillor, Liar, Scumbag, Muck Spreader, antichrist) must be finding it so difficult to hold back on attacking Tamworth Borough Council and the Tory Group now that he’s co-leader of it with his pal Councillor Thomas Jay. So difficult, he’s decided to pick a new target and attack the church for the poor state of one of their buildings.

Brina who we feel the need to keep reminding everyone is from Leicestershire, believes he is an expert on all things Tamworth, the economy and event planning because he runs a shitty events company running poorly organised events that gouge people on food and drinks. If you ever attend a Brina organised event, they coast by on the relative talent of the people he has performing, but everything around it is a shit show and you’ll find it lacking. Have a search for Secret Symphony, Ibiza proms in the park and go attend one, you’ll soon see what we mean.

The Vicar of Tamworth weighed in on Brina’s attack with this response:

So is Brina going to put his hand in his pocket from his tax dodging earnings from his Spotted Page? Or is he just going to carry on attacking everyone who can’t afford to renovate their buildings? Brina would normally be spitting feathers finding some way of blaming the council for this, he probably had to check with TJ to make sure it wasn’t a council building before he posted it.

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