Remember this dear reader, our brand new MP Sarah Edwards says she has got a pledge from the next Labour Government (when they’ve finished the resignation competition with the Tories) to intervene in little old Tamworths’ police front desk. Or rather lack of one since 2019, because barely anyone used it. In Sarah’s reality though, Tamworth Police must have a front desk so that people can pay a plod to stand there just on the off chance someone decides to pop in and report a crime, rather than you know, stay in the comfort of their home and ring, or ring 999 from the scene of whatever might have happened to some unfortunate soul.

This is just the same logic that says all of the shops we had in the town centre in the late 1900s should be resurrected from the dead, only for everyone to carry on ordering from Amazon as they did before which killed them off in the first place. You of course in this instance as a taxpayer would be footing the bill for the copper waiting patiently for someone to walk in the door, rather than them being out doing something useful. But it’s not like Labour to out do it’s rivals and bankrupt the country with hairbrained waste and inefficiency is it?

We shall see how this bribe, sorry pledge, fairs next year when Sarah gets elected again on a wave of Labour support bringing in a Starmer government to screw this country once again. Do you recall we said we didn’t like socialists?

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