In crushing news for Amington Candidate Michelle Cook on the eve of her returning from her election sabbatical in Glascote after being heartily rejected there in May, it seems Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has dealt a crushing blow to Michelle’s pension plans. Michelle who works for countryside bothering HS2 Ltd persuading people to hand over their houses for cash amongst other PR related stuff (that’s gone well), is going to presumably find herself out of a job sooner than expected, now the northern leg has been cancelled by the PM today.

Michelle has been very coy about where she works on her election literature, not mentioning HS2 at all but a vague reference to the rail industry. Wouldn’t want people to know you were funding a mortgage on your 800k house from your green and pleasant land destroying employer would we?

It appears Michelle and her Husband former Council leader Daniel Cook have form for destroying Countryside. We have learned something that perhaps few in Amington realise, it was the Cooks who between them sold off the golf course there and signed off on thousands of new houses. Who’d have thought she’d carry on her career in an organisation with little regard for the great British Countryside.

In breaking news it seems Cook in her latest attack leaflet is still banging the drum about her not being reselected as a Conservative candidate for this Mays election. This apparently because she was told taking paid maternity leave as a Councillor and at that point a cabinet member too “Didn’t look right”. If this is true then have a think about this, why would Councillors need maternity leave when they are in fact not compelled by law to actually do anything but attend one meeting for 6 months before they can be kicked out? Seems she wanted to sit on her backside raking in more taxpayers cash and not so much as lift a finger for her residents and call it maternity leave. Doesn’t sit right with debunking either.

All this and more on our pages has singled out Michelle Cook as being a particularly interesting individual who’d like you to think butter wouldn’t melt. We enjoy exposing people like this especially, on Debunking Tamworth.

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