After hearing something very juicy at a council meeting recently, we’ve since heard on the grapevine that Cllr Cook actually applied again to the local conservative party, and went through the selection process to become a candidate for the 2023 elections. Only she didn’t get selected. We have no idea why, but it is very strange for a sitting Councillor to not get reselected for their seat.

Presumably a case of sour grapes then causing her to quit completely and take her husband and family with her. We’ve heard of leaving and taking your ball with you, but quitting and taking your family like a herd of sheep, to form a new political party is a new one on us!

Of course, this information makes a mockery of the idea she quit because of the Tories continued support for disgraced MP Chris Pincher, something that has never been proven either way, because everyone kept their mouths shut on the subject.

If we hear any more about this we will update the page.

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