More in from the land of cuckoo today (where the gentleman in the picture has presumably just tried to escape from). Our good friend Paul ‘Brina’ Brindley of Tamworth independent Voice has got his paws on some juicy gossip. Now we all know if you are in the slightest bit aware of of this man child’s Modus Operandi that you have to take his posts with a pinch of salt. Well ladies and gentlemen you can take this one with a stonking great ship size bag.

So what really is going on then? Well so far as we can ascertain from our ‘multiple’ sources is that these people are simply retiring. You know that thing you do when you’ve finished working? Only us mere mortals have to wait until we are 60 something, local government officers and public sector workers only have to wait until they are the around 55 or so.

No matter how much you love your job, how invested you currently are in it, or whatever critical stage it is at, wild horses wouldn’t pull most people away from the prospect of playing golf, or going yauchting for the rest of their lives free of the daily (whatever retired civil servants do these days).

So there we go, no drama, no astonishing revelations, just 3 people of roughly the same age cashing in their chips and waltzing off into the sun to spend their pension. Colour us shocked.

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